Getting There - Customizing Dresses

So here are the results of the Great Customized Dress experiment:

I'm still not 100% satisfied. This is where the fun starts. I will fiddle and fiddle and will eventually end up happy. Actually, now that I see these pics, I'm not as unsatisfied as I thought. I REALLY need to see my stuff photographed before I can make final decisions. Is anyone else like that?

The reason I spend so much time on R&D is that when I am done, I want to be able to just plug in names and customize with no trauma. I am not yet sure about font, stroke size, etc. This will happen eventually. I am not one of those people who wants to make one-offs. Even if everthing is made from the same pattern, they still are one-of-a-kind just through the process of making them. Also, I often change up the collars and buttons depending on what I feel like.

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