Customizing The Dresses

Got a request from a lovely woman to customize the dresses in Twisted Sisters with her daughter's names. First thought was NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!, but after some thought I figured I'd give it a try. Here are the patterns. Going to just see what happens. Unfortunately people think I can just engrave names in after the fact, but I don't blame them as they don't understand the process.

I took on this challenge as I decided there may be some others who want to customize these. It will add to the cost as I have to make a new photopolymer plate each time, but with the basics down it will get easier every time. I LOVE figuring out stuff like this. I want to use the thinnest lines possible, so this may take a few tries, which I will chalk up to experience, and will, of course, enlarge my reclaim pile. The letters look quite light, but I already tried one with slightly thicker type and it was too much. We'll see what happens.

OOOps, just realized you can't really see in this pic what I'm doing as the text is so light. The names are printed on the dress flowing along the pattern. If you enlarge and look really close you can see.

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