Just Stuff Today

A friend snapped these at a recent show at Littlest Boy's school. As usual, I forgot to take pics of my display, so I'll need to set it all up in my living room in January to take pics for show applications. This is the year for the One Of A Kind!!! I can feel it!!! Ok, what will their excuse be this time? "I'm sorry, we already have too many people in the Miniature Dress & Shoes in a Frame category":)

Went to visit my framer today, Miriam at Dorland-Haight Galleries here in Milton. She is awesome, and has been so helpful and generous while I figure out the intricate details of my new framed mini's. She has framed much of the art in my home, and I highly recommend her shop. Anyway, we found a beautiful silver washed frame to put some of my mini's in. Can't wait till they come in so I can see how everything will look when put together. I just can't bear putting my beautiful dresses in yucky frames:) People are more than willing to pay for a quality really is the icing on the cake.

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