Thanks Guys

Thanks to all for sending messages of encouragement and congratulations re selling my framed mini's! It was quite a surprise to get such lovely notes. Is this your good deed, you Americans, at Thanksgiving:) Anyway, much appreciated.

More wonderful health news. Saw the Thoracic Surgeon today re some surgery for Oldest Boy to help his Myasthenia Gravis. They think it will do wonders, and were soooooo sorry to have to tell us that they could book in January at the earliest!!! This was heavenly to hear as we assumed that we would have to wait 6 months at least, especially since 2 weeks in December are usually write-offs for all but emergency stuff in the hospital. My broken record speaks again: THIS COSTS US NOTHING! Anyway, we are so hopeful. Many people may actually be considered cured after this surgery, so Boy is happy today.

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