New Pro-Panels...and some extra:)

So here is my new Pro-Panel display sitting in my front room waiting for me to fiddle. I LOVE it! I've only got 1 light up there, but I have 4 (2/panel), just too lazy to put them up yet. The long thing hanging down on the left is a hanger I got from the company just to see what it looked like. I'll get all the lights up and some framed mini's up there then take another pic this weekend.

So, as I was snapping the panel photo, I realized I simply MUST snap a quicky of the ceiling in that room. I LOVE my ceiling fixture. I laid a rope out on the floor, and my contractor Reg (who really is an artist) bent the track to mimic it. The little spots hanging down light up art we have on the walls, while the chandeliery things provide beautiful, sparkly light. They also cast a beautiful sparkly shadow on the ceiling at night when we just have them dimmed low.

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