Running Windows Programs on Mac

Started out the day like this...........
Then after many hours it turned into this!!!!!!!!!

All because I spent the day figuring out how to install Windows (via Parallels) on my Mac in order to run Quickbooks and Jewelry Design Manager. Anyway, I'm usually quite good at figuring this stuff out, but this almost did me in. After many hours (and $500 for Quickbooks, Windows 7 and Parallels!!!) it is done. Yahoo...I now have everything I need on my new Mac. I LOVE my new MAC.

The people at the Mac store are surely laughing their asses off when I walk in....and are praising the Lord when I walk out. The whole buying experience was traumatic cause I just like to walk in, purchase, then walk out. Even waiting for the bill to print drives me nuts...remember, I can make tiny silver shoes, but I have NOOOO patience. Today when I went in to get some questions answered at the Genius Bar (awesome concept!!!!) the manager ended up coming over and personally serving me cause "I remember you from Saturday, and you look like you're a LITTLE stressed":) Anyway, after my visit I went immediately to the Moxie's Bar and had this!!!
Also, happy, happy day because my 2 new Pro-Panels were delivered. I'll try to post a photo tomorrow. I only got two cause I wanted to see what they were like, etc. I stressed over my colour choice...finally chose light grey...and I'm sooooo happy. I highly recommend them to anyone needing panels to display artwork. Just waiting now for the lighting to show up, then I'll be set for a few small shows I'm doing in the next few weeks.

Health care update. We've got the appointment with the Thoracic Surgeon, exactly 1 month after the referral was made. Yahoooooo!!!! Although, happiness tempered by the fact that High Risk Boy is refusing to get the swine flue vaccine.....government conspiracies, he'll end up "walking backwards" (don't ask), etc, etc., etc..

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