New Computer!!!

So I finally made the big switch to a Mac. The new MacBook Pro 15". I struggled with whether to get the 17" and I still may change my mind (have 2 weeks), but the fun begins. It's awesome, but boy is there a learning curve. The guy in the store delighted in telling me I am now a statistic - Apparently the people switching from Blackberry to the iPhone (as I did 1 month ago) are now hightailing it to the Apple store within 3 months to switch to Macs.

Only problem is the software change. I must rebuy Illustrator...a HUGE expense as I must get the full creative suite....and I am having trouble with my accounting software. Silly me, I thought that everything came in a Mac and PC version, but Quickbooks Canadian 2010 is not yet launched for Macs. Also, the features for the Mac version are not necessarily the same. I looked up similar products made for Macs, but to get multi-currency options it's way more expensive than Quickbooks. What a PAIN!!!!

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