Water Baby Revealed

So this is the almost finished Water Baby! The mystery illustration in the previous post was the artwork for the photopolymer plate that then became the fins/flippers.

I'm not yet thrilled with the shoe part of the fins, but I thought I'd try these out just to see. These will most likely not make the final cut, but I wanted to know if I liked the overall effect to see if I wanted to spend the time to perfect. I have just laid it out with this dress to see the full picture, but I will in the end be pairing it with a more watery themed pattern....perhaps bubbles:) All in all I am happy.

The problem I find is that to the naked eye everything looks great, but in the photos you can see every flaw. This is fine, but for a jury shot I need to come up with a pair that I am happy to blow up. When this one is done and matted I'll post the final shot.

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