Twisted Sisters

This one went through a number of names...but then it hit me. Here's a bit of what went into this one. At the beach studio tour, a woman had mentioned that she wished I had something suitable for a friend of hers who had just lost her sister...perhaps something depicting an activity she and her sister had found special. I told her I've always had in mind a Sister theme as I have 2 myself. I thought this would be called simply Sisters, or Forever or BFF or something, but those titles never felt right. They felt too contrived. Anyway, Twisted Sisters just feels right. I know it is not appropriate for her friend as she'd want a more compassionate title, but I really find it difficult to work that way. Thats why I rarely do commissions. If it doesn't come to me, I can't force it. Sure, I could do something someone asks for, but I would not enjoy doing it, and to be honest I do this because I LOVE it! I could just change the title on this, but........

Here's Living Dangerously, completed and matted:

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