How to Save Money on Metal Clay

Here in Canada we pay a ton more for metal clay than most Americans. Aside from our taxes (not complaining....see all posts re health care:)) I pay anywhere from $20-$30 shipping each time I order and then add 5% duty on top. As you can imagine, I try to save on clay wherever I can without affecting the integrity of the piece. BTW, even paying all this, I still am able to get the clay a bit cheaper than the people who sell it in Canada. I am shocked when I see the low prices that some people are able to charge on their pieces. Wouldn't even cover my bare basics!

Here's an example of how I save some money. I put together some tiny "wooden blocks" for an upcoming piece, about 1cm x 1cm and wanted them about 9 cards thick, rather than having to fiddle by putting little sides on them. you can see in the picture I didn't use a solid thickness. The back is taken out. This may only save .4 grams of clay, but multiply that by 3 blocks, then the exhorbitant cost of the clay, and it all adds up to making me able to charge about $5 less for the whole piece.
I also cut out ovals in the backs of my dresses, and this saves about 1 gram.

This new piece will be called "Living Dangerously". Can anyone figure out what the finished piece will look like?

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