Productive Day - Part 1

I have been running around all week driving into Toronto for doc appts for the Boy, debriefing of Beach Studio Tour, ordering Pro-panels and lighting (finally!) and such. Today was an awesome day. I love Saturdays. Littlest Boy really needs to relax after a week of school, so he plays all day by himself with his hotwheels, etc., and is so happy you can't help but be happy. I'm in my studio all day doing "stuff" with the backdrop of TLC and the House and Home channel:) Last night and today I made 5 little dresses, some with a new pattern and 4 pairs of shoes. Here they are waiting to go into the kiln:

Of course, turned the kiln on then had to quickly turn off again. I had a pair of earrings in to be fired, but since I would never dream of selling anything that had been fired for only 10 mins, out they came to await a kiln load of jewelry which I fire for 2 hours. I only fire the mini's for 10 mins as they will be protected behind glass and don't need the ultimate strength of jewelry. Yes, I know that most people fire their jewelry for 10 mins, but I won't even go into the horror of that again:) PLEASE OFFER YOUR CLIENTS THE STRONGEST, HIGHEST QUALITY ITEMS YOU CAN PRODUCE!!!

Can't wait till these come out of the kiln. I love the finishing process and the framing. Ideas for these ones:

  1. Another She's Come Undone (very popular)
  2. Forever or Sisters
  3. Living Dangerously
  4. Another "Be Home for Dinner!"

Got a cute plan for Living Dangerously, just hope it pans out. Pics as soon as I'm satified with the results.

Update for those interested in my all too common stories of why I love our health care system. Had our appointment with the neurologist re Boy's auto-immune disease (remember, this occurred only 2 months after his move from Alberta to Ontario). Anyway, GREAT doctor, one of only 2 in the province who specialize in this, and he had some more great news for us. Some surgery is most likely in the future for the Boy, but one of the most accomplished Thoracic surgeons in the world lives right here in Toronto and is the leading expert on the type of surgery the Boy requires. A referral is in process and we will hear soon about our appointment time. Once again, this is not costing us a dime. Please, please, please, people from other lands. Listen to what your leader (hmmmmmm....who am I talking about:)) has to say and at least consider what a change good health care could mean to your life. I gladly pay higher taxes for this type of comfort. No health care, or inadequate health care would mean this would have eventually bankrupted us, and we are not necessarily hurting financially. Ok, enough, but you know what I like to say:

It's my blog and I'll rant if I want to.........:) Sing that to a happy tune!

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