Great Tour and Good News

So...had a good, productive weekend as a guest artist at the Beach Studio Tour. Traffic and sales were good, and the best news of all.....I SOLD 2 OF MY FRAMED PIECES!!! One, admitedly, was to another artist in trade for one of her paintings, but one was to an off the street person who just out of the blue said "I think I'll buy that". It made my day as I was wanting to go in this direction, but was still unaware if the market would want me to:) Anyway, onward and upward.

Here is a pic of my display there. Keep in mind I have a small space to work with, and am in Sheila's dining room, so it's all about being compact. The beauty of my Abstracta setup is that I can re-configure to fit any venue. I am, however, thinking of switching to Dynamic Display + ProPanels. I'll let you know when I get there.

In case I haven't mentioned before, my framed pieces all spring from the title, which springs from my love of words. Example, during the tour, a little girl started going up Sheila's stairs, which have no handrail. Anyway, her Grandma looked over and said "Oh, she's living dangerously". Needless to say, immediately a new vignette sprung to mind entitled Living Dangerously. I'll work on it this week hopefully.

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