Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Oh yum. Can't wait for Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy etc.!!! Fourteen people coming tomorrow....lots of yummy food. I think the cousins like coming here because I always have good snacks that teens love: chips, chips, chips!! Hate going to people's homes when they only have chi chi food. Love that kind of food, but the thrill of a family get together when you are young is all the junk you can eat:). Charlie is in charge of the snack delivery system, so he is VERY excited. We don't typically have a lot of junk in the house, so this is fun for him.

Love this pic of Cdn troups celebrating Thanksgiving in a bombed out cathedral in France in 1918.

Much to be thankful for this year, as every year. First and foremost at the moment: Healthcare because of Boy's Myasthenia Gravis, Charlie's school and especially his teacher as he is a bit different and they celebrate that, Girl happy in London...although her wallet was stolen on the tube and her bank account emtied of this semester's money, 1,000 pounds! Everyone is healthy and reasonably happy, so praise the lord for another good year:)

Ooops, also, pray for our Pumpkin Pie. My sister is making it from a Weight Watchers recipe, so it could go either way:). Don't worry, we have backup plans!

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