She's Come Undone

Ai, ai, ai!!! Up till 6 in the morning working on this. Why, you ask, when you are sick and need your sleep? Because someone near and dear to my heart snores so loudly it is impossible to sleep:) I can hear him (oooops, did I give it away?) even in my studio with the tv on....amazing what comes on at 5:00 am!

Anyway, She's Come Undone and i've come undone:) You'll see why she's come undone in this detail shot:

Took me a long time to get the shoes right. Funny, even though I magnify everything, I usually don't see certain things till I take pics. I'll clean up the shoe on the left some, but to the naked eye it looks fine. I've left the laces on the undone shoes purposely long cause I wanted to get a good squiggle out of them for dramatic effect:)

Have you noticed that I never complete the ones I think I'm going to. Tangled Up in Blue and Tiptoe Through the Tulips have been in the works for ages, but when some of them hit me, like above, they practically make themselves. Too bad they don't also make dinner and do laundry!

Also, I have been struggling with how to do something for quite a while and last night while I was laying in bed next to the freight train (Ooops, was that another clue?), it just came to me. More on that when I finally make it.

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