Nose in a Book...Serious Mary

Yahoo! Finally got a new camera to replace the lost one. As usual, took about 5 mins. Went in, said I need this, this, and this and it was done. It's not an SRL, but I really didn't want to spend $1000. This one will do. I'll figure it out later, but immediately wanted to snap a pic of "Nose in a Book". As per my post yesterday, she's reading Enid Blyton's Malory of my favs!
A British friend who was sent off to boarding school pointed out that it was NOT AT ALL LIKE MALORY TOWERS!!! I'll admit to having a romantisized view of the whole boarding school thing, although after watching the Tom Brown's School Days series way back when, I don't know why! I swear it traumatized me forever.

This one is near and dear to my heart. Serious Mary.
My oldest sister is one of the most intelligent people I know, but also VERY conservative. She was born to the boardroom! When we were younger we loved the TV show Eight is Enough. We used to laugh at the oldest sister, Mary Bradford, and of course I started calling her serious Mary. Well, didn't take long before my sister became known as Serious Mary, thanks to me, the youngest craziest sister. She has put up with this indignity for years, and is now immortalized in silver...bless her:)

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