Nose in a Book

Still no camera, but I can show you the beginnings of the plate for "Nose in a Book".

For this project, I have chosen my favorite, most beloved author of all time, Enid Blyton. I DEVOURED her books from a very young age, and loved the stories of how toys in the nursery would come to life at night. When I was older I moved on to the boarding school stories set at St. Clairs and Malory Towers. How I wanted to go to boarding school...I would not have looked back, as I have always had a freakish need to leave home. Nothing to do with the home or family life, I just LOVE to move away:).

I was the kid who begged to go to overnight camp, but it didn't happen. The minute I graduated high school, I left for University, a handy 2 hours away from home, meaning I only had to come home once every 6 weeks or so. After graduating, I moved to Calgary (4000 kms wonderful!), then in a few years moved to Germany for a year. Funny, my daughter picked up and moved to Rome for grade 12 (not usual for a nice Canadian Girl in her senior year)....we are soooo alike. When I hear of people who have never left thier hometowns, my heart breaks for them, and I feel as though I can't breathe. It took me a long time to realize that I needn't "cry for them Argentina"...many people have the same need and desire to stay close to family as I have to get away:) Live and learn.

Anyway, can't wait to finish this project....the little book (about 2 cms. is going to be sweet). I didn't want the book to be too perfect, which is why I did the scribbles for the back cover. It can actually be quite frustrating to come up with something that has the right amount of imperfections.

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