Say Yes to the Mess!

STILL can't find my camera so I snapped this with my iPhone. I've been really productive in the past few days with some new miniature dress designs....with tiny shoes, of course....but I can't get a good shot with my phone. I could, however, get this shot of the disgusting mess that is my workspace. In case you think that this is after the fact, you're wrong. This is how my desk looks 95% of the time, and I simply push everything aside everytime I make something!!! My studio is either freakishly neat, or looks like this. There is NEVER a middle ground. People think I should be embarrased about showing this, but, really, do I get extra points for having a tidy desk:) I think not:) BTW, in case you're wondering, I do have a beautiful, clean home:), and I am also an anti-hoarder....I throw away everything....never hang on to stuff for no reason. I like my home clean for my family, but the studio is MY place and I have no ego tied up in how it looks.

Can't wait to share my new mini's. "Serious Mary" came out great. Just figuring out the book for "Nose in a Book" and another frame for picture day. Here's the original picture day. This now hangs in my hall and makes me smile every time I walk in the door.

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