Where is My Camera???? And Raytech Magnetic Finisher

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Finally got my mojo back, spent the last 2 days in my studio, and can't find my camera anywhere. Haven't seen it since Florida, and since I never used it there I'm wondering if it got left somewhere. I have to buy a new one ASAP. Never realize how much I use it till it's gone.

Doing the Coke trick with my magnetic tumbler at the moment....nothing cleans grunge off shot like Coke...imagine what it's doing to your stomach!!!!! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one "food" I still rarely have in the house. Even up till she was about 18, when we went out to dinner my daughter would ask if it was OK if she had a coke...that's how ingrained the whole "It's crap" idea was in her head. Thank goodness. Please, please, please do not let your kids drink it!!!!!!!!!!!! Please give thought to the fact that jewelers and machinists around the world use it to clean grease and grime off metal. Remember the grade school trick. Put a tooth in a glass of water and one in a glass of coke. The one in the coke disolved in a couple of days.....blahchhhhh.

OK, I digress, but lets talk about my magnetic tumbler. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhh, better put it in my hall of fame. It's a Raytech CMF-400, and I may marry it someday. Of course I would have to divorce my Foredom bench lathe and that would seriously hurt. Anyway, how else would I finish my little shoes, which are 1cm long??? The tiny pins of the Raytech get into all of the nooks and cranny's. I never use my normal tumbler anymore since my Foredom bench lathe, but there is no substitute for the Raytech.

Here's the explantion from Rio:

"Magnets embedded in a cast disk constantly change polarity, creating a centrifugal action in the media. Using media as small as 1/4"L x .010" dia. allows your finisher to access recesses, channels, undercuts and other confined areas where other methods can't. On soft non-ferrous metals, finishing cycles can be accomplished in as little as half an hour, ensuring quicker turnaround time and improved productivity. If your pieces have large, smooth or flat surfaces, the finish will appear frosted. A slight buffing or a run in a dry finisher will easily bring the finish to a high shine."

Just a note: If you purchase one, get the magnet gun for picking up the tiny, tiny's the only way.

Who said we Canadian's don't like our guns?.....Oh, yeah, I did!

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