I'm in a Sweet Mood

Today the mood hit me to make some sweet little earrings. Again, I was inspired by the Anthropologie change room wall that I took a clandestine photo of years ago, as it is just my style. Anyway, have made a box in the past with this look, and wanted to make some sweet little earrings today.

Here's a pic of the original box:

I didn't want the vine line going right through the earrings, so I made a new photopolymer plate. The three flowers grouped together will be for a design at the bottom of one of my mini dresses. Here is the transparency of 1 made to make a number of plates from, all created in the god of all programs, Adobe Illustrator (I always make sure that when making earrings I use two different flower images...don't want things to look too perfect:)):

Had every intention of showing a pic of the final plates, jumped up to take pic...WHERE IS CAMERA!!!! Can't find it anywhere. Took a photo with my Blackberry and my son's IPhone.....yuck, didn't work well. I'll find my camera in the next few days and post a pic.

I urge every metal clay artist to make your own textures in this way. That way, your piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

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