New Display for Framed Pieces

So we all know I am a huge fan of Abstracta for Jewelry display, and I wanted to find a comparably wonderful display panel for my framed items. Yes, I am aware people make all kinds of beautiful display panels themselves, but I wanted something that is of the same calibre as my abstracta, and easy, fast, etc. Here's pic of my abstracta display almost set up at a show (no wall behind me so a bit difficult):

I am about to order some Pro Panels to display my framed miniatures. I'm starting with just 3 so that I can fiddle, and use them together with my jewelry display. I'll be getting the dark grey (I believe the pic is the light grey), which will look awesome with my gunmetal Abstracta with the frosted black panels. I'll also be able to attach lighting to the top very easily. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so exciting. Display is almost as fun as creation:) BTW if anyone has any experience they'd like to share with me re Pro Panels, please do....I'd love to see other people's display. I've looked high and low on the internet and have found very few good, detailed pics. Also BTW, I have struggled with writing a little something on my incredulousness (?) at the people who would have their children kept home from school to save them from hearing a Harvard educated president tell them to stay in school and reach for the stars. I am so sick about this that I can't even write anything coherent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said.

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