Still Vacationing, Loving ADAM

Went to see the American Idol Tour with my sisters and the girl children (Annual Event) and this was the BEST ONE YET!!!!...all because of Adam. Now, the rest were fine, some better than expected, but really, who has more drop dead talent than him. He was insanely good. In fact, take his most flamboyant performance on the show and up that by 10 notches. He obviously told them to just let him do his thing, and they were smart enough to do so. I can't believe watching David Bowie could be any better (with some Gary Glitter...pre molester stage...thrown in). You have to really appreciate an openly gay man who can make women this crazy. At one point, my girl turned to me with a confused look and said "OMG, I think I'm going to cry???". People were screaming, and not the way the young ones did for David A. last year, but as if they were watching the Beatles.

Poor Chris. He was so obviously a downer after Adam, but went last because he won (a dubious win I must say, especially as it was apparently not even a close race). Anyway, I am officially saying that of any American Idol I have ever seen, I would only pay full ticket price to see Adam if he ever does a concert near me.

Now, If anyone knows any of the American Idol producer people, can you suggest that you only get ONE VOTE per show! This may take care of the winner being the product of who has the best computerized/phone voting system going. Of course, we can't even vote in Canada...something only Adam acknowledged...the rest thanked us all for voting for them:)

Also loved crazy Meghan Joy (who was mysteriously Meghan Corkery at the beginning of the season). She's wonky and has no rhythm but she's my kind of girl.

School starts in a couple of weeks then I'm getting back into full time work mode. Don't desert me.....In the words of the immortal KC "Please don't go"!!!!!!

BTW, reading "My Life in France" by Julia Child for the THIRD time in 2 years. I dig her. I'm thinking/hoping I'm like her.

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