Yo Yo Dieting

This is what I have always pictured when I hear the phrase "Yo Yo Dieting". You know, gain some, lose some, gain some, lose some....etc. etc.:) I think the piece captures what Yo Yo dieting should really be about.

This is the first time I have not used any antiquing to make the details stand out. I'm kinda diggin the pure silver look. We'll see. I was stuck on LOS for the longest time, now I'm off it. Of course, then I'll look at an old piece with LOS and think "Wow, maybe I should do that again"...oh, who knows.

On another note, since I haven't been posting regularly, and unfortunately won't be till September, I just looked for the first time and saw I had 7 followers. Silly, but I feel quite honoured that someone that I don't know and haven't forced into reading my blog is enjoying it:) Thanks you 7! Of course, now that I've thought to look, if my numbers go down I'll have been "dumped", and that may cause me to spiral into the abyss.........!!!!!!!!!!!!

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