Who is LOU anyway??????

Just finished this...Skip to My Lou. I've always wondered who the heck Lou was:)

Just went to the trouble of building the sides of the shadow box into the frame (foamcore covered in matboard, this all holds the glass in, and the corners must fit precisely for a professional look), was all thrilled to be done, then discovered that I had FORGOTTEN TO PUT THE GLASS IN!!!!!!!!!!! Had to use a tissue blade to separate the sides from the frame (all glued in place!), then the slightest imperfections meant I have to recut all the sides!!! This is not such a big deal, but when I cut my matboards and shadow box sides I have to first take gravol because this REALLY pisses off my vertigo...then I get drowsy......blah, blah.....blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh...why is it not yet 4:30 so I could relieve my self-induced stress with a dose of Y&R, which, by the way, has been especially hysterical know, multiple DNA tests tampered with, characters being carted off to jail for no reason, actors being changed in the middle of a storyline...this makes me smile:))))))))) This is all made even better because Victor Newman is the SPITTING IMAGE of my ex-husband, and being German has the EXACT same trace of an accent. My daughter will walk into the room and see Victor being a goof and say "Oh, Papa" in an exasperated voice. My life really is quite exciting, isn't it.

Had our fire works last night as it was Canada Day. Never have quite understood why we seem to be able to get the festivities over with in a couple of hours, and Americans seem to need a week for the whole July 4 thing:) I really should do a regular post on differences I notice between Canada and the US. Please understand, this is all in jest and good fun....I take my share of ribbing when I go to the States, eh?

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