New Logo/Name???...Who Am I Kidding...I'm Not Asking, I'm Doing!

I'm currently considering changing my logo and name to better reflect my new direction...less jewelry, more framed silver miniatures. Because you just never know what I'll come up with, I figure 'Studio' was good, rather than 'Designs in Precious Metal'. Also, I think I need a bit of colour in my logo. I loved my other logo, but as you can see, I've just moved stuff around, and tweaked things. I'll sit with this for a bit (for me that means about 10 mins)!

I just LOVE doing this stuff. Of course, I'm not completely daft. I understand that this is purely me procrastinating. I made 3 little silver dresses the other day and am not pleased with any, so this is my way of 'walking away' husband's 2nd fav phrase next to 'it is what it is'. Around about when I start to cry in my studio, my husband pulls it out... 'Walk Away From the Freight Train'. I'm quite pleased that I've actually learned to do so. Thanks Pat. Of course, whenever he says it, I get mad and say "I KNOW, I KNOW....I'll just be 5 more minutes". We all know how that ends.............a 5:00 am post!

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