Make Me Laugh

Not a great day. Started well enough. Made 4 pairs of TINY shoes all the while staring through my optivisor, and when I looked up 2 hours later I felt completely nauseous. This happens to me when I concentrate on tiny stuff for hours...usually passes after I stop and have some water/food, but this time no way. Felt ill for about 4 hours...although I still had the strength to watch Y&R:), but it was yucky.

Then worse news. I had posted that my son was diagnosed a while ago with an auto-immune disease but all was well, and with meds all would be easy. Not true. Getting worse again, more serious drugs necessary, major damper on his activities, all just frustrating for a 17 year old. He is blessed not to have a graver disease, but at that age anything is devastating. I'm aware that I am now doing what my daughter feared when I began my blog...saying "Today, I'm Sad", but to quote my husband "It is what it is". BTW every time he says that I want to slug him because it's usually when I want to be dramatic about something:). It's my party, blah, blah, blah.........

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