Be Home For Dinner!

After my blockage yesterday (ohhh, that sounds quite medical..) I made myself finish this piece. This has been in my mind for a long time. A little girl being carried off on an adventure by her trusty balloon, and her mother reminding her to be home for dinner. I'm still not 100% happy with the whole thing, but it's funny, when I looked at it last night I was just tired and thought "Oh, I really don't like this", but when I looked at it with fresh eyes this morning it looked totally different.

When I've cleaned up my studio floor...mats and mat cutter EVERYWHERE...I will drag out my tabletop photo studio and take better pictures. You get the idea. Also, the mat is still not properly cut, a bit wonky, but I just wanted to experiment.

By the way, just finished "Harvesting the Heart" this morning (Jodi Picoult). I think it's my favourite of hers. It's not the same as her newer 'traumatic social situations and how people deal with them' books. I love those, but this one was awesome. I'd much prefer to see this made into a film than 'Her Sister's Keeper'.

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