Finally Getting Somewhere

During my "I must learn how to frame" trauma, I decided to bite the bullet and go to IKEA. I was hesitating because their frames tend to look as cheap as they are, but I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up with these 2, large and small. I'm quite happy with them, and had some fun with my mat cutter setting the pieces. I guess it's all in the details.

Here's a close up of the smaller one. Click on it to see larger.
I think that what I will do for shows is offer these, but also offer a "premium frame" choice which will cost more to cover the cost of the "framed by my framer" frame.

This whole frame thing has been bugging me to the extent that I couldn't create anything new without knowing that I could produce some that did not have to be priced out of this world to cover the frame. Now, I can get back to work. Hope to have some new ones in a week or so to show.

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