I MUST Learn How To Make Picture Frames

This new direction I am going in requires that I learn to make my own frames. I am happy to do this as I have always wanted to learn, but NO-ONE teaches this! Yes, there are various classes and workshops, but all are plane rides away...Chicago, Alberta, BC, etc. This is fine, just wish something was closer.

I bot a mat cutter the other day and am loving it. Just learning now, but it's actually quite simple. I bot the Logan intermediate 450.

I am getting closer to completing a tiny door to my liking, but it's still missing a few things. I think it's time to put this away for a bit and get back to the other items, dresses, etc. I've got to get the shoes happening this week. I'll come back to the door in a while and brilliance may strike:) See.......I told you this process was going to take forever:)

On a good note, I've received the waiting list letter for the Moose Show to be held at the CBC in the fall. This is an awesome show, and my first time applying, so I'm happy to be 1st or 2nd runner up...all I really want is world peace...blah...blah...blah (beauty pagent speak). They only take about 10 jewelers, but 8 are returning from last year so only 2 new ones were accepted! I'll keep my fingers crossed that one of the chosen ones appears on Oprah and becomes so famous they have to hide from the paparazzi and drop out of the show. I can dream........ I'll keep you informed.

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