New Idea - VERY far from completion

This is my first door in a series. This is why I must always waste so much silver and stuff in coming up with something new. Cutout too large, looks boat-like, needs 2 hinges, handle needs some tweaking as well as overall shape. Also, the soldering needs some work. I must always see the final product in a photo in order to see all the things that need changing. I also need to add some more to the story, and I really can only see that in a photo. Strange?

I'd really appreciate seeing other artist's before and afters if anyone else works this way, although I have not yet met anyone else who does. I like to do limited editions rather than one-offs, so figuring out the process is important to me.

Anyway. I am totally loving this new direction, but it has wreaked havoc on my life. I have so many ideas coming that I finally left my studio to get into bed at 4:30 two nights ago, and 2:00 last night. Learning the mat cutting is also consuming me, cause I do so love details. I've set a goal for myself that when my son is done with school this year, 1 month from now, I will have figured out the final details of everything, and will hopefully have about 10 pieces to photograph and frame properly.
Hope you all enjoy watching my struggle:) I really want people to understand why my reclaim pile is so darned big!!!

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