Ta da..........................

Finally, about 50% there on the new concept. This one is currently titled "suddenly, a face appears" Do you see the small girl peeking out? Without her, this would just be cute...I like to have a bit extra going on in my pieces...a little surprise.

Still have a ways to go to completion, little bits to add. The presentation and framing is difficult....even finding the right mat colour (since I don't want a colour colour) is really hard...the right shade of white/cream that goes with the finish is not easily found! Don't want to use cheap frames because I think they would cheapen the pieces, so my local framer is really helping me out. We'll figure out something together....she's great.

I bot a mat cutting system today...ohhhh how my husband loves the word system....usually adds many dollars to the purchase:) Anyway, this way I can cut my own mats and save a bit on the framing.

When it's all done I'll take a better lit picture. Right now I'm just excited and it's late at night and I don't feel like dragging out my photo studio lights.

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