Prototype 1

Well, the first prototype for part of my new piece is out of the kiln and LOS'd. It's quite sweet, only about 1.25" tall. The picture shows it next to a little paper "thing" I made about 6 years ago. I'm still making the silver shoes...they will be about 1/4" long...the smaller the better. I LOVE the little tag detail in the back of the dress. For you metal clay artists out there, the dress is only 1 card thick. It was like dealing with drapey.

This is only about 10% of the whole project. The dress is still not exactly what I'd like, I had to just make one first to get the technique down. Next step is to make the dress more to my liking, then comes the really finicky part. Completing the other elements of the piece (more to come later) and then building the perfect background and frame. I will probably have it professionaly framed, with the idea in mind to frame my own after that. My husband may be the frame builder...He does LOVE the idea of a mitre saw:), but I've always wanted to take a class, so we'll see.

As you can see, I am a miniature clothing junkie. I made this little snowsuit out of fimo about 10 years ago (complete with 1 idiot mitten) one and only attempt at anything fimoish (used to hang on a silver hanger)...just didn't interest me. Also, this little girl was one of the first metal things I ever made and then used on my first ever enamel attempt. Also, if you remember, one of my first posts had to do with "What's On My Walls", and they were all dress paintings. I NEVER put faces on my dresses. Just doesn't appeal to me.

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