This Is How I Work

Here it workspace immediately after I put something in the kiln:

The funny thing is that by this stage things are dropping on the floor, rolling off the table and generally causing me to swear to myself frequently. Sometimes the piece itself even drops off, causing a really crazy reaction!!! This is only the view in the camera...the mess extends about 1 foot left and right. All this for the 1" x 1.5" "thing" I have in the kiln. (Of course, this situation has nothing to do with me...WHO MADE THIS MESS:)

The really enjoyable part about this prototype process is that I can run the kiln on a short cycle (10 mins) instead of the full 2 hours. At this stage, strength is not the the shorter firing doesn't matter...just gets it back in my hands quicker. Actually, sometimes during this phase I even torch fire to be fast. Once I perfect it all, I will worry about overall strength.

Just to be clear...I am only about 10% into the process. A lot of clay, time and fiddling is still to come, but the first part is the hardest...nailing down the basic concept. The rest is just modifying and fussing...the best part by far.

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