Frustrated!!!...The Design Process

Read my last post and you'll see that I was motivated to go in a new design direction that I have been putting off for years...miniature framed sculpture/stuff. This is my first love (that's why I love making my mini boxes), but I have been hesitating starting. Over the years I have realized the concept in paper, but I just need to make it translate to silver, which would be so cool. Here is the frustrating part:

To start something completely new is frustrating, expensive, time-consuming and VERY DRAINING! I started the process yesterday just to make the first prototype only to tear it apart with pliers to really understand it. It's always the first step in the process...create then destroy. This is bound to go on for another few weeks, all the while I will be scrapping some ideas and modifying and expanding others. At the end, of course, it will not look as though it was so stressful, in fact, if I hear someone say "Oh, that's cute...I could do that" I will be forced to retire!!!!!!!!!!

I will keep you posted, just don't expect any photo's of the work for a while. Here is a pic of the white board above my desk. I jump up in the middle of doing stuff to whip off an idea. It comes out in 2 seconds. It will be interesting in the end to see these ideas vs. the end result.

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