Rejection:(.........and Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuce:)

Bummer. Got my rejection letter from the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. I was kindof expecting it, but it was still quite awful to read the words....REJECTED!! Unfortunately it was preceeded by some elation as I went to my mailbox and saw the big envelope and my heart leapt...shades of University acceptances back in the day before everything was done online. Anyway, it was just them returning my application.

I was immediately driving downtown to see Bruuuuuuuce. Needless to say, I cried the whole way down. But, a trip to Rodney's Oyster house, 18 Oysters all to myself with a "baby" bottle of Veuve Cliquot (again, all to myself, my husband is a beer drinker) and I was good to go!

Then, Bruuuuuuuuce!!!!!!! OMG, it was so good. My first concert was 25 years ago in Paris and I've seen him every few years since. About 9 times now. He gets better and better. Poor Clarence, he really appears to be ailing. Anyway...thanks to Pat's friend Rob for the tickets. These were the impossible Bruce tickets that sparked the ticketmaster debate, so I'm so grateful.

Back in the studio now. This rejection has kindof jump started my desire to make some silver images/sculptures/things that I will be framing. I've meant to do them for years, so I'm going to go for it now. Also, my new Bruce "Working On A Dream" poster hanging in my studio is inspiring. When I finally perfect this stuff I'll post pics. Don't hold your breath.............

p.s Just remembered...when I told my daughter I was doing a blog she asked if I was going to be one of those "freaks" who writes "Today I am sad". I assured her no......:) Wonder if she'll like my opening?????????????????

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