What I Bought at the Beach Studio Tour - Part 1 of about 1000:)

The best part of the Beach Studio Tour for me was seeing the other works of art....I'm kindof bored by mine:)...I see it all the time! Anyway, I bot a number of garden items from Tod of I have a tiny yard, but not "jewel boxish" so it's been hard to find stuff to put in it that suits the whole space. I LOVED everything he made. These are two favs that I got:

The flowers are a particular favorite. Of course, I tried to place them just so, and my husband picked them up, plunked them in, and they were perfect. I am sooooo bad at that kind of random look. Thank goodness for him. Also, the "thing" on the right spins with the wind. I'm not a colour junkie, so I love the muted blue and green.

Tod is a great guy with a really sweet spirit, and I'm happy to have things that he made. It really matters to me the story of the artist. Also, he was very kind to my Charlie, so even though I already liked him he jumped up 100 notches in my book. Please check out his website...great variety of cool stuff.

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