Oh CANADA!....The First In The "Other Stuff" Category

I have spent the last week re-affirming why I love Canada so much, and feel so lucky to have been born here. Make no mistake, it was dumb luck that I was born here...I did nothing great in a previous life to have this happen...just luck. Last Wednesday I had to rush from Toronto to Calgary as my son was admitted to hospital with what turned out to be a rare, chronic auto-immune disease. Before I go on...all is well, he is great, and this disease can be managed with no great change to his regular life.

Anyway...symptoms first appeared about 3 weeks ago while he was on a mission trip with his school to the Ukraine. Nothing major, but strange. Upon arrival home two weeks ago he went to his doctor, was referred to another, then another, and was finally referred to a Neurologist at Calgary Foothills Hospital. That resulted in an admission to hospital and a diagnosis within 24 hours of admission. Many expensive tests helped out with the diagnosis. Keep in mind this type of thing often takes years to diagnose as presenting symptoms often mimic many other things. Also keep in mind that this amazing care cost NOT ONE PENNY!!!! At no time was I presented with a bill or asked for my insurance, just regular province of Alberta Heath Care #.

I have NO PROBLEM with the higher taxes we pay here...because this is what we pay for! I also understand that the speed with which this happened is not always typical, but under normal circumstances people are not forced into bancruptcy due to an illness.

I am now home and can concentrate on preparing for the upcoming Beach Studio Tour. I have been assured by the numerous doctors that took about 2 hours sitting with me going over everything that with any crisis he will be taken into emerg and rushed to the front of the line.

I do not mean to diss any other country, or highlight their health care problems, am just so happy that I am a Canadian and have this fabulous health care system at my disposal. Kudos to all the nurses and docs involved.

As an aside, yes, there were some patients having to reside in the hallways due to overcrowding, but they were all looked after as if they had a room.

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