Hall Of Fame: Foredom Bench Lathe

I've been dreaming of this tool for a long time, and finally bot it about 2 months ago. I LOVE it! I use it with the 3" 6 ply 3M radial bristle discs and get everything from a beautiful brushed finish to a mirror polish. It also works wonders on my argentium ring bands. I even use it to take the Silver Black off the areas that they shouldn't be on when painting it into fine lines and grooves. Although I could use a polishing pad, the foredom takes it right off.

It is incredibly quiet, and takes up almost no space on my counter. With the 3M's I don't have the need to use an exhaust system as there is no tripoli or rouge flying about. Of course, it would be best to have one hooked up, but for the time being I'm good.

You can use the 3M's on your regular foredom flex shaft, but the bench lathe is sooooo much quicker, and you've got both hands to hold your item. Speed and efficiency.....Yeaaaaaah!
I got mine at Rio Grande LOVE THEM!

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