Just A Hint...My Lightbulb Moment!!!

Here is just a hint of a new concept for Mother's Day items. I have various international influences in my life (don't even ask, just accept it for the pretentious statement it is:)), so I've come up with a plan to do some different pieces all centered around the word "mother" in other languages. Different translations are on the other side.

I have been going crazy trying to come up with short phrases regarding mothers that could fit on my custom name pendants. I was laying in bed one night and said to myself "OK, just think of something". I actually do this a lot, wait till I'm in bed then tell myself to think. Anyway, this just flew at me out of the blue and I'm so glad. It fits my world completely.

The words:

mom....obvious origin:)

mère...French (don't speak a word of it, but people think we Canadians all do!!)

matháir...Irish (Gaelic?)...for my husband...Patrick Benedict Papineau McNenly (need I say more!)

mutti...German (my daughter was born in Bremen, Germany)

mottina...Lithuanian (my good friend Solveiga's homeland)

madre...Italian (my daughter lived in Rome for 2 1/2 years)

ana...Turkish (my new friend Berna's homeland)

mama...just because!

As soon as I have more items completed, I will show and tell.

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