Your Kiln Shelf Is Your Friend...I hope not the only one:)

I get a lot of questions about firing a bunch of curved pieces in a kiln in the most efficient manner. YOUR KILN SHELF IS YOUR FRIEND! I am a fan of the fibre shelves that you can get at Whole Lotta Whimsey. I do a huge number of curved surfaces so I simply press a hard ball or other "thing" into the shelf to make a dent. My pieces sit in there happily while firing and don't change shape. I know that I don't necessarily need to do this, not much sagging with PMC3, but it's the "much" word I don't like. My stuff is pretty precise, and this way I keep the same curve it went into the kiln with. No need to mess around with vermiculite either. If you drop that by accident, WHAT A MESS!

No matter what shapes you make, you can modify a fibre shelf to suit your needs.

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