Making Your Own Findings & My Love of Argentium

So just last week I had a conversation with a fellow artist friend where we wondered why anyone would spend the time making their own findings. Well, as usually happens as soon as I decide I will NEVER do something, I have now decided to MAKE MY OWN FINDINGS...with the exception of lever-backs. I love melting stuff too much to let this pass.

I got one of those cool jig thingy's in Phoenix and am quite enamoured with it. The beauty is in the Argentium Sterling. I only use Argentium for my fabrication...ring bands, jump rings, findings. It is stronger than regular Sterling and barely tarnishes, MUCH slower than sterling....AND NO FIRESCALE!!!!! Plus it fuses like a dream. Once you've used it, I promise you will never go back to regular Sterling.

Anyway, to make these findings I melt a small ball on the end of the wire (yummy) and then just wind it around the set up on my jig. These ones are coppery looking, because they've not yet been pickled. After a few minutes in hot pickle they will be beautiful. I can either heat harden (580 degrees for 1 hourish) or just bang em up...which I also love.

Although these are quite normal, I can never find exactly what I'm looking for in findings, length, size of loop, etc., so I'm quite looking forward to experimenting. Also, this all happens for a fraction of the cost of ready-made findings.

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