More Rings - Enough Already

OK, two more rings I made yesterday....and I think I'm ringed out. I am making one for a friend who asked for "I don't know, make me something":). I find that REALLY hard to do. I just make what I like, and if others like it, great. I'm hoping in my big pile '0 rings she can find something.

I don't tend to be a one-off designer. I have some things that are my staples, and some limited editions...things I love, but are such a pain to make that I can only stand to make a few. The fun for me is in the initial process of designing then adapting to a fabrication process I can stand to do! Some of my most basic items are a result of making them 7 or 8 times till I come up with the exact size and depth I like...then the prototypes end up in reclaim. I'll try to post about my reclaim process tomorrow.

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