Hall of Fame: Tools For Your Business

I am a true tool junkie - by that I mean that it's not only the hand and electric tools of my trade that turn me on, but the tools required to make my business run. I've always considered myself lucky....I am a freaky artist (I think that may be a direct quote from one or more of my kids), but I also totally get off on the paperwork and minutia of running my business (hence the economics degree foolishly taken rather than the art degree...but I digress...more on that at a later time).

Pricing your work is a pain in the behind, but the Jewelry Designer Manager ( software makes it fun. I know there are other programs out there, but I LOVE this one. I can input all of my materials and costs, upload pics of my pieces so I can print catalogues and price lists, and a new feature enables me to e-mail great looking invoices, complete with my logo and photos if I wish.

I understand that paper and pencil also works, especially when being careful about spending, but this program really takes the tedium out of the process. You can start with the basic program, then when you've got some more cash, upgrade. The tech support is great, and there is an easy to follow user manual.

For you Americans, you can even link to your accounting software to make tax time a snap. This is unavailable currently to us Canadians, but Barbara Carleton, the designer, would probably work on this if enough people asked.

There is also a Craft Manager program for non-jewelers. I think that's awesome. That fact needs to be splashed all over Etsy.

I know this may sound as if it were an opinion written by the company, but one of the main reasons I started this blog was to make more people aware of the stuff that I can't live without, and why.

Keeping checking for more referrals, like best "how to start your business" book, etc.

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