How do you do that?

Once per month I'd like to answer the question "How do you do that?". I think many artists have developed methods that are more innovative than they think, and that others would really benefit from.

One of the most common questions I get from students is "How do you concave your pieces without squishing your textures?". Many people have been taught that if you want a nice curved shape you should form your piece over a lightbulb. This is great, but if you're going for concave instead of convex, your texture is laid directly on the bulb.

SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE!!! Use paint pallet trays! I was walking through the art store one day looking for some kind of form to use with an inner curve and there they were. I just lay my piece texture side up in the bowl. Easy as pie....and only about $1.50! Can't beat that. Just turn them over if you want the old light bulb curve, but in a different size. I cut them up into twos so they fit into my dehydrator.

I'd love to hear from other people with design issues that have been solved in a unique way.

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