Finally got my blog going. It was not quite as simple as they would have you believe (logo colours kept changing, etc), but it's done. I'll work on changing the layout as time goes by based on what works and what doesn't.
I've wanted to blog for a while, but was well aware that since I usually say things I regret it may not be a good idea. Too bad. I'm going to give it a try. I've got a lot of tips and tricks to share, and am open to any questions....ask away. And I will talk about stuff that I think doesn't work at all but that people insist on doing! See what I mean...a little outspoken.
I spend most of my days in my studio and when things aren't working out I sit on the computer reading other people's blogs. I figure I can pass on what's working and what's not and talk about other things close to my heart.

Today things went well and I made a bangle that I'm in love with. One side is a peridot and another is an amethyst. These can also be made using citrines...another of my favorites.
Check out my website for other items. I don't update the pics on there till I have Robert Diamante do them, as I am in love with his work. After I make a few more things I'll send to him then update. Bear with the poor photography to come on this post as I start to share....I'll just take it myself and I don't even have the patience to set up my tabletop photo studio.

Ok, enough. I hope to post on Sunday my favorite tips, and my least favorite "these don't work or are a waste of time IMHO" tips.

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