Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to school I go.....again.

After years of saying "I should have been a graphic designer", I had an aha moment the other day.  Go back to school and become one.  So I shall.  

I LOVE to learn.  The list of classes I have taken in the last few years alone, online and in person, is diverse:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Shopify
  • Wordpress
  • Snowboarding
  • Enameling
  • Macro Photography
  • etc....

 I'm currently learning Rhino 5, although the certified class I signed up for was cancelled.  I'll figure it out:).  

When I arrived in Calgary in my early 20's, one of the first things I did was sign up for western riding lessons, simply because I had always wanted to learn how to gallop on a horse.  I experience no embarrassment as a matter what the subject.

I've spent the past few days researching this idea.  I could attend a physical University or College, but I prefer the flexibility of online learning.  This really is the future of higher education.  Don't even get me started on the outdated models of teaching used by many educational institutions, and the archaic practices of Universities for some programs...NOT all.  I'm 95% decided that The Graphic Design School based in Australia will be my initial foray into this.  I like their fundamentals program, and I think it will give me enough to decide whether to further pursue a degree program or other learning.  I currently have no desire for any sort of designation, just knowledge.   I have a good eye and decent sense of style, which I think is important,  but I'm interested in learning the fundamentals of color, layout, etc.  I also do well when I have assignments to do, and a community of others to share with.  

I currently do all of my own marketing and display materials, photography and website, but I know about 1% of what a professional may. The next step may be their web design program.  It's all fluid.

My goal for this is to start a virtual graphic design business to help artists and sole entrepreneurs with their marketing materials, at a reasonable cost.  It breaks my heart when I see people with poorly designed business cards, signage, etc., thinking they can't afford to have someone help them.  For example, when you have a beautiful business card, people actually keep it, and will show others....even if just because of it's physical attributes...think Moo cards.  The person they pass it to may actually be interested in YOU.

At 51, I have about 25 years of work left...meaning I WANT to continue working for another 25 years, on projects that inspire me and make me happy.   I can't envision a time when I don't want to be engaging my brain in a creative way.  If you are contemplating doing something, or making a change.....DO IT!  It is NEVER too late.  I've often said that if I feel like going to medical school in my 50's, I will. Funny, I just googled that and look what I found:)  I'm not alone.

At 50, I took up snowboarding.  I SUCK.  I am still on the baby hill, and may remain there.  I went with a friend, and after we battled the beast, we looked up at the mountain and she said "Is that the hill we were just on? There is not even a slope!":)  We had fun.  That's the goal.  If you want to learn something, research it today.  And, let me know.  I might be interested:)

Yes, I will still be producing art.  That will never stop.  Since I'm inspired by technology, expect my work to grow and change.

Stay tuned.

p.s.  Many thanks to my dear friend, and fellow creative, Diane MacLeod, for our school photo.  She is the historian in the group.  I am second row, 2nd from left, in my favorite polyester and vinyl dress:)


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