The blog is back!

Why hello there!  Many, many years ago I ran quite a successful metal clay blog with tips, tricks, business advice, and general life hilarity.  The minute I lost the passion for it I stopped doing it.  I'm a big believer in that.  I also completely wiped it from the face of the internet as one tiny picture over 4 years had bothered one of my kids, so away it all went.  The world did not end when I took it down.  Irrelevant side note: Please consider this, those who post every single thing thier child does.  Many want their privacy, or will do one day. I was in a park not too long ago and an approx. 6 year old child was being screamed at by his mother because he wouldn't follow her direction for a candid/very staged photo.  He was crying and screaming "I don't want to be on facebook!!!"  True story.  Think people.  I digress.

I get so many requests to teach, and questions about my encaustic process, so this seemed to be a good place to keep all of that info.  Believe it or not, the world does not reside on Instagram, and having content that you actually own might end up being a good thing down the road.  Facebook outage anyone? 

I've recently come to the conclusion that holding my secrets, processes and tools close is not the type of artist I wish to be.  I'll share what I can and hope that it helps you to make your own work sing.  OWN work being the key;).  

I'm warning you now, if you don't like irreverent commentary, this is NOT the place for you:)!  Also, I will never respond or engage with people who wish solely to put others down, or feel it's important to tell me they don't like me, but love to hear comments from people with questions and opposing opinions.  We can all learn together.

The photo above should start us off well.  My husband feels that the world needs to know about my knee wrinkles.  He believes that my sisters and I all suffer from this affliction.  Are wrinkly knees even a thing?  If my knees annoy you, again, NOT the place for you.

Are you suitably confused?  Hang in there, I'll try to post weekly, and I promise it will be worth your while, even if you just need a laugh.  You're welcome;)  



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