The family...

Stand tall 

Smell the roses

In the meadow


A room of her own


I have many more ideas for these precious, miniature cloches.   Can't wait to explore them.   Keep you posted.

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They're ready for their closeup

I am beside myself. For the longest time I've been trying to find the perfect home for my tiny, needle felted and silver sheep.  Ta da!  The bases are walnut, made to my own specs and design.  I'm frantically putting 6 of them together for my upcoming show in Picton, and, after gauging interest, I will be creating many more. I snapped these pics quickly this morn, so I'll be sure to take some more...Read more

Getting there...

I've been working 'round the clock figuring out a new, non framed, home for my precious sheep.   I'm still a long way off, but getting somewhere.  This wood is temporary, for experimental purposes.  In order to get the slices that I want, I have to wait till winter to cut them, then treat them to preserve the cell structure to minimize the effects of drying.  And that's just the wood.........

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