Metal Clay Mojo Conference 2013

Dad - with his favorite phrase

I just returned last night from the Metal Clay Mojo Conference in CT, and it honestly could not have been more wonderful. I don't say that just because it was so nice to meet and connect with other artists, but because I learned a ton. The presentations were great....I learned all about cold connections with Robert Dancik (who had AMAZING huge props to illustrate the...
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An educational August

Colors taken from my logo bubbles
Shows are over, I have pieces to make and classes to teach, but the majority of this month will be spent preparing myself for my presentation at the Metal Clay Mojo Conference in Chester, CT,  on Sept 5-8.  I'll be concentrating on showing how I use photopolymer plates as design tools rather than purely as a  medium to create textures.

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And that's a wrap...

I definitely have not been stopping to smell the roses lately, but when I'm in creative experimentation mode I'm fairly useless unless I'm in the studio.  With this last sheep vignette, I've GOT to take a break. I've got enough inventory for my show in Muskoka, July 19/20/21...and if not....I shan't beat myself up.

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