From studying economics to 20 years in the investment industry to full-time artist.  If something is holding you back from taking such a major step, start small.  Work at night...weekends....whenever.  Never think you can't become what you wish to be.  Find a way. 

My love of small, detailed pieces was fueled as a child upon my first visit to that marvel of miniature engineering, the Queen's Dollhouse at Windsor Castle.  Tiny masterpieces have always tugged at my heartstrings.  My homemade Barbie house was to die for, but I'm thankful my experiments with homemade braces never took off! 

After years of making miniature silver sculptural pieces, I have completely changed mediums, a daunting process.  Early in 2016 it became apparent that scrunching over miniature work for so many years was taking a serious toll on my neck.  Though out the year I availed myself of many, many different therapies, with limited results.  I'm having the most success with Reformer Pilates, but the whole ordeal helped me to make a decision that I had been contemplating for quite a while.  While I love my wee silver vignettes and secret gardens, I felt like I had nothing left to say with them.  When that's missing it becomes work as opposed to personal expression.   This really became apparent to me when I was able to use my drawings to process my deep feelings of sadness over recent world events.  Perhaps in the future I can use them to bring something positive to the world.

As usual, stay tuned;)