From studying economics to 20 years in the investment industry to full-time artist, every step I have taken has been informed by the previous, and fed the next.

My love of small, precisely crafted pieces was fuelled as a child upon my first visit to that marvel of miniature engineering, the Queen's Dollhouse at Windsor Castle.  Tiny masterpieces have always tugged at my heartstrings and were a way to realize my creative visions.

After years of making miniature silver and enamel sculptural pieces I suffered a repetitive strain injury that forced me to speed up what I had been contemplating for a while, a change in medium.  I was increasingly drawn to my sketches often used as a first step in my sculptural pieces, and began to develop those further.

I knew I didn’t want the illustrations to stand alone. They needed some sort of medium to highlight the dream like state in which they existed in my mind. At that time I started exploring encaustic, and have since developed methods to incorporate the two.

As with my initial silver and enamel work, I have sought out teachers throughout Canada and the United States to help me hone my skills. I seek to perfect traditional encaustic techniques before modifying them to achieve my artistic goals.

For the past 10 years I have shown my art at large and small shows in Ontario, including the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and the One of A Kind Show.