Custom work


I am honoured to receive requests for custom pieces.  I've put together a list of what I do and don't do.  If you have any questions, or would like to order a custom piece, please contact me at

I do:

I don't:

Typical pricing for miniature pieces (does not include extra custom charge)


The piece pictured above was commissioned by a collector who wanted to commemorate her mother's love of two very different things - lupins growing wild in fields.....and cruise ships!!!  This was a fun challenge and she absolutely loved the final piece, a wee 4" x 4" encaustic artwork on a 1 5/8" deep wood panel.  

"It has that I don’t know how to explain it feel of whimsy and sentiment...You managed to capture a feeling that is totally my mother…mission accomplished."  Karen, Uxbridge, ON.